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Xu Zhen - Images

Xu Zhen, Movement Field, installation view, Waldburger Wouters, Brussels, 2015

Xu Zhen, Movement Painting, 2015, Spray paint on canvas, aluminium, 45x55x4cm

Xu Zhen, Careful, Don't Get Dirty, installation view, Waldburger Wouters, 2014

Xu Zhen, Physique of Consciousness, installation view, 12th Biennale of Lyon, 2013

Xu Zhen, Turbulent, installation view, Bund 18, Shanghai, 2013

Xu Zhen, Turbulent, spray painting on canvas with nozzles, 2012, 60x50cm

Xu Zhen, video installation "8.848-1.86", 2005, the video installation
documents the expedition of Xu Zhen to the Mount Everest where
he removed 1.86 meters, his own height, of the mountain's peak and
transported it home to be exhibited in a large display cabinet.

Xu Zhen, Rainbow, 1998, video, 4min, courtesy private collection, Switzerland

Xu Zhen, Shouting, 1998, video, 4min

Xu Zhen, 18 days, 2006, video, 23min 56s

Xu Zhen, In just a blink of an eye, 2007, performance/

Xu Zhen, The last few mosquitos, installation, 2005

Xu Zhen, Oh yeah, electrical plug, ivory carving, light, battery, 6x8x8cm, 2002, courtesy private collection, Switzerland

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